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  The sun and the moon are everlasting in the sky; time brings great changes to the world.Hundreds of millions of years is just an instant for the whole river of time.

The mother earth nurses mountains and seas.Thereby, the mysterious land gathers rivers and pours them into Bohai Sea and is lined with rolling mountains like the stars of heaven.


  The ancient culture has survived generation after generation.Ancestors use their wisdom and imagination as the pen and ink to carve the time and space, and write the unique Chinese epic.


  From the time of war to that of the sovereign descending the world; from the silence of pastoral to the noise and bustle of marketplace; from slash and burn cultivation to roaring machines,Today, our capital, Beijing, brought in line with the world pace, has joined the list of international metropolis.With the entry into the new century, Beijing’s development is featured by new characteristics and in the meantime facing new challenges.It is the core problem for Beijing’s future development how to assure the development pace and coordinate the relationships among population, resources and environment while resources conservation is not neglected.


  The administrative region of Beijing covers a total area of 16,410 square kilometers, of which the mountainous area accounts for 62% and plain area makes up 38%. Up to 2005, the building area has reached 3,230 square kilometers. Among them, the area for municipal and rural construction is 2, 396 square kilometers; agricultural area is 11,055 square kilometers and unused area is 2, 126 square kilometers. The problems that Beijing faces now are vast population and limited farmland, increasing contradiction of supply and demand, insufficient arable land resources and strong demand for land protection. The structure and layout of municipal and rural areas need to be optimized; city’s boundary extends outwards rapidly; the economized and intensive land utilization of suburban district needs to be strengthened; comprehensive control of territorial resources and ecological infrastructure construction need to be strengthened; land management method and system should be improved. Goal will be higher with more and more difficult situations. Based on scientific development, the race between reality and time begins.


  In accordance to Beijing Land Use Overall Planning from 2006 to 2020 proved by the State Council, together with the national macroeconomic control policy, the capital land function orientation, and the control program index issued by the State Council, taking as the goal realizing the harmonious development of municipal and rural areas and economized and intensive land utilization, the space area indexes of land utilization are formulated reasonably, mainly including: arable land retain quantity will reach 3,220,000 mu and primary farmland area will reach 2,800,000 mu; the total building area will be set to 3,817 square kilometers, of which the municipal and rural construction area will be 2,700 square kilometers. The new planning adheres to the principle of optimizing urban area and strengthening suburban district, defines the four function zones for land utilization to guarantee the capital’s social ecological environment development. Directed towards the characteristics of capital land utilization, land resources assurance will be provided for Beijing to develop into a modern international city with distinguished characteristics and highly-efficient operation; Complying with the city layout of “Two Axles (the traditional axle line and the cross axle along the Yan’an Street), Two belts ( new city development belt and green ecological belt) and multi-center”, the capital land utilization’s overall planning of “Three Circles (green circles around the city center), Nine Regions ( nine primary farmland distribution region) and Multi-center” will be formulated with extra efforts; Three Circles will effectively prevent the infinite expansion of urban area and provide citizens with green and ecological space, and formulate the safe ecological layout, which is the first key program in the planning; Protect primary ecological land and develop unused land in accordance with local circumstances, make positive efforts to build ecological base installation system, strengthen the comprehensive control of ecological environment of mountainous area and build the environmental-friendly green Beijing. According to “Nine Regions”, the second key program is protecting and utilizing agricultural land reasonably. Make the arable land and primary farmland in vast and contiguous stretches and protect them intensively; meanwhile, the arrangement, rehabilitation and development of land should be boosted moderately; lay effective guidance to the orderly development of metropolitan-type modern agriculture; in fields of hope, both bumper harvest and landscapes emerge. Multi-center means the construction and development of the central town and 11 new towns. The economized and intensive land utilization is the third key program of the planning. Define and extend the boundary of municipal and rural areas, strengthen the management control of municipal and rural building areas, modify the land utilization structure and layout, moderately control the total scale of the building area, give priority to the utilization of available land, and gradually establish the standards of economized and intensive land utilization to guarantee the sustainable utilization of land resources. Besides, the fourth key program of the planning is paying attention to strengthening the planning implementation and assurance system, improving plan management institutions and system, and making clear the common responsibilities of departments and governments of all levels. In 2020, Beijing will realize coordinate development and highly-efficient utilization of lands for various purposes in different regions. The comprehensive implementation of the view of scientific development, people-oriented planning concept and scientific practical measures will surely bring about a brand-new era of landscapes.




  Land is the history book that spans the time and space, carrying the human being’s civilization and development.

  Land is the scroll of painting on which hopes are laid, waiting for strokes with brilliant color.

  Through the implementation of land utilization planning program, Beijing, the ancient capital going though many changes and sustaining its quality though ages, is transfigured by infinite vitality and vigor in a magnificent way. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the harmonious co-development of city and country and the symbiosis of human and land will write a resplendent chapter with “humanistic, green and scientific and technological” national and contemporary characteristics.